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Our drama started in the garden of Eden where the first rules of behavior were set as a seemingly simple choice: eat and do not eat (Genesis 3:2-3). Because the object of 'do not eat' was made so appealing to Eve, Eve disobeyed and even got her husband to also eat the forbidden (Genesis 3:16). Then, they died and we died.

That act of disobedience was so disastrous (Genesis 3:16-19) that YHWH God had to swiftly evict Adam and Eve from the garden (Genesis 3:22-24). Besides the plan of redemption of the human race, we gather that the Bible is a book that is mostly about expected behavior for every single human being of the past, present, and tomorrow (Matthew 7:21) . There is a modern myth that the Bible rules were only partially or wholly for the Jews but the Bible made it clear that any alien outside of the Jewish culture who would convert to Judaism, was promised a better place than the chosen people (Isaiah 56:1-8).

The universal rules of behavior towards our neighbor had gotten tighter and tighter from Exodus time, in reaction to the rampant depravity in Egypt (Leviticus 18:3). For example, the Jews came from the union of a half-brother and a half-sister (Genesis 20:12). That kind of relationship was forbidden in Moses (Leviticus 18:9). Today, people think that the rules should be bent to mirror whatever the current trends in behavior of the society. There is one standard for everybody in Moses no matter what your social status may be (Isaiah 56:1-8).

Since the disobedience of Adam and Eve, the challenge for the human race has been 'whose directives do we follow? God or the Deceiver of Eve? (Joshua 24:14-28).

God had tried to remedy the dilemma (Matthew 23:37).

As the first generation of humans became more and more violent and depraved, we read that God regretted having made man because He could not have imagined that Human Intelligence (HI) could become so repulsive. Thus, God decided to eradicate the evil by drowning everyone while keeping a pure sample of only eight humans from the past life (Genesis 6:6-8; 7:7).
The HI sample appeared to have been pure since Noah was a believer and his companions had witnessed the utter destruction of the previous world. However, the Deceiver caught up again with the seed of Noah and mankind drifted from God again.

Another pure sample was chosen with Abraham. This time, with the same blood line from a half-brother and a half-sister, God had tried again to nurture a chosen people with the seed of Abraham which, for whatever wisdom, ended up into abject slavery in Egypt. God had freed the seed of Abraham showing off His supernatural powers that would impregnate the minds of the former slaves for obedience. Even before reaching the destination land, the relationship between God and His chosen line got sour because of lack of faith and disobedience from their part. Once again, God grieved, talked about destroying the seed of Abraham, and thought of choosing the seed of Moses instead as a new breed of HI. Moses managed to convince God to relent and God went on with the sour relationship which He tried to fix by sending Prophets after Prophets to warn the chosen people. The Prophets got killed most of the time. Exasperated with the chosen people, God sent them to exile (Jeremiah 44:22). However, before God carried out His determined sentence, He sent sentinels ahead to the land to prepare the way and the place to receive His troublesome people with respect.
They came back from exile but they continued in rebellion. They failed to recognize God when He had to become flesh to redeem us all. They got exiled again and Judaism was exported to the whole world out of Zion, as prophesied.
The promise was made to Abraham that all the nations will be blessed because of his faith. Jesus (God) commissioned the Apostles to take His Torah outside of Zion and here we are, the fruit of the worldwide evangelization with the Old Testament and the New Testament as its guide to understand it.

The New Testament contains warnings after warnings regarding the Deceiver's resiliency to lead astray as many as He could by peddling with the Torah (Old Testament) which went out of Zion. The Torah or the Old Testament is the only portion of the Bible that records the will of God. Jesus had upheld the Torah as being more immutable than His whole creation. He said that it is easier that our universe would disappear than one dot on the i in the Torah.

What is the solution to the revolving fall of the generations to the influence of the Deceiver of Eve? God had killed the first generation but that did not prevent the Deceiver from leading the new generation astray. God can again kill our generation and start anew. That strategy did not solve the problem of God with mankind and certainly will fail again.

There is the final solution that the New Testament talks about, which is the burning of this earth with eternal fire. The Prophet spoke of a new heaven and a new earth (Isaiah 65:17) which will be inhabited by those who overcame the deceptions of the Deceiver of Eve.

So, we have to become Bible Literate to navigate through the deceit of the Deceiver as He peddles with the word of Jesus (God) to blind us. Remember the mistake of Adam and Eve, that the word of God takes precedence over whatever appealing trend that goes against the word of God.  

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